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October 27, 2014
advanced poker

Advanced Poker is the most comprehensive poker site on the internet. We have providing all poker lovers worldwide with all the necessary info they need to become successful poker players our mission. Therefore, here you will find everything from strategy analyses to advanced tips, strategies, game basics, and trivia. On top of that, Advanced Poker has the best online poker room recommendations on the wide web! Our ultimate goal is to help all online poker players become accomplished professionals. Enjoy your stay!

Poker History

As for poker itself, there is hardly anything that hasn’t been said already. Its history is a curious and fascinating one, and (as every history), it has many unknowns. Lack of resources is the main problem, but still we may reconstruct it some degree. The first poker-like game was invented around 900 A.D. in ancient China. It was in a form of dominoes, and the game rules were similar to poker of today. The dominoes were a popular pastime. Seventy years later, the game evolved into the game of the so-called domino cards, which was introduced by the emperor Mu Tsung (970 A.D.). Whatever happened afterwards and before the fifteenth century is an unknown. In the XV century, anothe poker-like game made appearance in France. It was called Pogue, and it arrived in Canada three centuries later, with French colonialists, whence it reached the U.S., eventually. The rules of Pogue have evolved over time, but still we know that it was the predecessor of modern poker games so loved today.

The term “poker” was introduced in the nineteen century, by prisoner Jonathan H. Green. It was he who brought the first poker game to the Mississippi River, whence it spread downstream, eventually ending up as the most popular card game of all times. As such, it, naturally, has many variants, and many of them are offered by land-based and online poker casinos. In fact, online poker rooms are credited with popularizing the game beyond brick and mortar casinos. Since internet poker rooms are open all day and week long, it is not to be wondered at. On top of that, online poker rooms offer two significant benefits: zero travel costs and free bonuses. The first one a new player will get is free deposit bonus, which may be invested or withdrawn.

Recommended poker rooms at Advanced Poker

As stated above, at Advanced Poker, we take great pride in our advanced poker room selection. Ours are the top notch offers, with best bonuses and additional benefits for poker lovers worldwide. All of them are licensed and risk-free. Sign up today to start enjoying the world of poker within minutes for FREE!

Tips and Strategies

Advanced Poker Tips: How to choose Online Poker Rooms

October 27, 2014
advanced poker

Nowadays, the choice of online poker rooms is so rich that many a poker beginner would need assistance. Bonuses offered by online advanced poker rooms are many and might appear similar to an unfamiliar eye, but they rely on house rules heavily, and the rules differ from room to room. It is nothing to worry about, though. We at Advanced Poker will help you choose the best one in no time; all you need to do is relax and read on!

Advanced poker tips

At Advanced Poker, we have selected the best online advanced poker room for your convenience.! All of our recommended sites offer free bonuses (deposit, referral, and additional ones, are secure, and licensed to boot! Gamble smartly, play with free money!

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